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2-1 Temporary Buydown

A 2-1 Temporary Buydown is a special type of financing that allows for a buy down of the interest rate for the first two years of your home mortgage.

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Young lady dreaming about new home2-1 Temporary Buydowns help people qualify for loans!

Dad pushing son in box through homeInterest Payments are reduced for the first two years in exchange for a cash deposit.

Woman holding home in her handsAllows the seller or the builder to contribute to your temporary interest buydown.

Kids running into new homeFNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA, and USDA fixed rate purchase transactions are eligible

For information purposes only. Information and data may change without notice. Rates show as of 8/16/22 on a 30-day lock, 720 FICO, 30 year conventional fixed, $540,000 loan amount, 30yr = 360 payments.

2-1 Temporary Buydown FAQs

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